For the ForeverFighters

As I sit here facing the computer and the keyboard I immediately feel insecure. Insecure about my first post, my first blog ever! Its such a huge deal to me, so the very first blog must be perfect! Then I think, “But what exactly in my life or in anyone’s life has ever been perfect?”. And then I think, “That is exactly what my blog is about!” It is about the imperfections of life, the mess we get ourselves into, and the times when we have to just FIGHT! ForeverFighters. That’s what we are.

I’d like to introduce you to my blog! Yay! As mentioned above, my blog is about trials and tribulations, moments of doubt, moments of breakthrough, moments where the Lord has had to rescue me, and hopefully words that will encourage or rescue you as well. In order to understand why I feel the need to share, I need to explain a bit of who I am and what has led me to this moment. Just like everyone else, I have dealt with my share of battles. One battle in particular I have not shared with many people. As I sit here and type this, my eyes fill with tears because I know I am about to pour my soul to the world. For six years I was in an abusive relationship. Mentally and physically. It took years for me to realize that I was even in it, and it has taken years to glue only a tiny piece of myself back together. Once you experience that, it almost feels like you can never fully break away from it, and a little bit at a time you feel like you are slowly healing. I don’t feel as if you can ever truly heal from that, just as you never truly heal from a loved one passing. A bit of the pain is always there. My journey of healing has been an interesting one since I sort of self-healed (which I don’t recommend). Like I said, I didn’t even understand what I was experiencing at first. It probably wasn’t until about two years after getting myself out that I even began to understand what domestic violence is and what exactly is “abuse”. I still don’t understand it. The label sucks. The word victim makes me cringe. And remembering some of the worser times (yes I said “worser”!) makes me cry myself to sleep. As you can tell, my journey of healing has been painful and confusing, but it is my story. And what I have learned over the years is that more people should tell their story! I need to tell my story. I can’t even begin to think of how many women might be going through what I went through and that need to hear this. If my blog impacts just one person’s life then it has fulfilled its purpose and I will be happy. From this blog I hope to bring awareness, I hope to unite women (and men) together for a cause, I hope to inspire, and I hope to help bring people closer to Christ. We can all learn something from each other. When life is tough and when we need a word of encouragement we should be the ones uplifting each other. Every day is a constant battle. Sometimes the battle is just simply “what the heck am I going to wear today?!??”, yet other times the battle is putting a smile on your face when all you want to do is cry. We’ve all been there. The fact that we press on means we are FIGHTERS! The fact that we’ve won the fight makes us warriors! Tomorrow there will be another fight, so just keep fighting. We’re ForeverFighters.

P.S: Ok that was cheesy, but whatever! Hashtag ForeverFighters! 😉




10 thoughts on “For the ForeverFighters

  1. I’m so proud of you for speaking out.. sometimes thts wht makes it so real. . When ur in the situation it doesn’t seem so bad.. but… when you’ve gotten away from it and you remember things tht were physically done and said to you.. you can’t believe tht you were even enduring all of tht.. but.. yes.. I have forgiven.. my abuser. . But.. the things are still etched in my memory bank and soul.. it’s a everyday process and a struggle.. God Bless you cousin


  2. I’m glad you shared your story, just imagine if you didn’t there are so many people saved by your journey. Forever Fighter hits me in a total different manner but it gives me hope to fight to win my dream. Giving more of my heart to the world to be crushed. Now I step back examine my heart… Love me be true to the people around me that’s true to me. I trust God with my heart. Not the world


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